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Anatomy of a Thank You Note

Thank You Notes are probably the type of notes we write the most. They're not only nice notes to write but sometimes, they're socially required.

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Anatomy of a Thank You Note

So what makes a good Thank You Note?

First, don't be intimidated, you are thanking someone and that's always well received. Second, it's easy to write a thank you note because the format is usually the same every time.

Here's a breakdown:

1. The Date

September 23, 2007

Most people will like to keep your thank you note and it's always nice to be able to look back and see when the note was written.

2. The Salutation

Dear (person's name),

You can always use "Dear" as a salutation, it's the most popular but consider using others like "Hello" for a more casual note or "Dearest" for a loved one. Don't forget to use a comma after their name.

3. The Body

This is the content of your thank you note. Thank your recipient as genuinely as you can. If you're thanking someone for a gift, mention it in your note. It's extra nice if you mention how you're planning to use their gift. Try to add a little something extra like "Hope your mom is doing well" or "Let's get together soon".

4. The Closing


If you're not sure what's appropriate for you note, "Sincerely" or "Sincerely Yours" are classic choices. Other good choices are "Warmly", "Love", "Affectionately" or "Best Regards" for a business or more formal thank you. Write what sounds most genuine to you.

5. The Signature

Usually your first name for more personal notes and first and last for social or business notes. Make sure to always hand write your signature and make sure it's legible. If it's not legible, you might consider using personalized stationery and eliminate that problem altogether!


  • Think about the stationery you're using for your note. Your choices say a lot about you so choose nice paper and print neatly.
  • Really think about the moment you opened your gift, that'll help your words flow.
  • Add a compliment like "You have such great taste". People always like to be complimented.
  • Keep your note short, to a paragraph or two, it's a note not a letter.

Remember that while there are guides to writing a thank you note, a note that comes from the heart is always a good one. So just jump in there and write your note, your recipient will be so glad you did!

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Expressing Thoughts That Really Matter

Just wanted to share this quote I read in a wonderful book I'm immersed in right now by Margaret Shepherd called The Art of the Handwritten Note. There are a number of gems in that book related to writing more and connecting to those we love but I ended up thinking so much about this one.

Expressing Thoughts that really Matter

It really is true but so much more so in this age of instantly gratifying emails and text messages. It's sometimes seems so hard to take a moment out of our busy days to send a message in a way that's much more meaningful.

Think about it, when you get the mail, it's full of junk nowadays. But think of that feeling when you get an actual letter from a real human being. 
Go ahead, I'll wait.

Did you feel it? Wasn't it nice? Doesn't it make you feel special?

Let's write more letters, not only to express thoughts that really matter but to send little messages that will be so much more special for having come in the mail.


National Notebook Day + A Giveaway

Today is National Notebook Day!

So naturally, a giveaway is in order, but first, a couple of interesting facts about notebooks and how they have shaped our world.

When you stop to think about it, everything around us, computers, cars, refrigerators, airplanes, bridges they all started as a concept in someone’s notebook. Geniuses fill pages with ideas that eventually change our world and oftentimes make our life better.

The notebook is a powerful tool for a creative mind. It is a place where the only limit is our imagination and we can explore anything we want without fear of being judged.

So here are a few interesting facts about notebooks and the people that love them, sprinkled with a few images of my own notebooks and the doodles in them.

1. Notebooks are more than good enough

Who would have thought that writers, the likes of Quentin Tarantino, Neil Gaiman and Stephen King, prefer pen and paper over writing on a computer? But they do! Tarantino has been known to say: “It’s a ceremony. I go to a stationery store and buy a notebook — and I don’t buy like ten. I just buy one and then fill it up.”

2. Notebooks can help spawn one of the best book series of our time

Although Rowling has mentioned countless times that her first ideas of Harry Potter were scribbled on napkins in a cafe, she later on planned the novels using regular pen and paper. She plotted out key events and developed important themes all in the pages of notebooks.

3. Notebooks can help you survive parenthood

It is well known that there are notebooks for every phase of your baby’s life nowadays. First words, steps, foods, etc. are all recorded in special notebooks to keep forever. Less well known is the growth in parent journals that help moms and dads record all the crazy moments, challenges and beautiful memories that come along with raising children. They become a prized record of years that fly by all too quickly.

4. Notebooks can help you look into the future, even from the past

When you think of the time when Leonardo da Vinci roamed the earth you don’t ever think of robots, parachutes, tanks or helicopters but they were there, in his notebooks! He had ideas on how to build these amazing, futuristic gadgets all the way back in the 1500s.


5. Notebooks can make you immortal

No one thinks of a diary as a notebook that anyone will ever read. It is a private memoir of a life that one might reflect on later on. This was not the case for Anne Frank. When she began writing her diary in 1942, she had no idea that the events that led them into hiding to escape Nazi persecution would make her journal a timeless record of the positive spirit of a young girl in the midst of adversity.

So next time you have a look at a little notebook you have laying around, think of it as possibility! Notebooks are a window into our mind and filling them with everything in it can be very interesting to look back on, if nothing else.

On to the GIVEAWAY! I’m particularly fond of small jotters and I designed a few abstract designs that turned into beautiful little notebooks. It is one of these that I’m giving away today.

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